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Are You Ready To Purchase Your First Home

Are you ready to purchase your first home?

As the market become more stable, many people are considering whether or not they are ready to purchase their first home. This is a personal decision that should be based on your ability to pay back a loan and the commitment that purchasing a home involves. Your decision should not be based on interest rates […]

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Self-directed Retirement Accounts and Turnkey Rental Investing


I get a large number of news feeds related to real estate and investing, and this week a couple of articles caught my attention. One was at Nasdaq.com and the other at USNews.com. The Nasdaq piece addressed the pros and cons of “turnkey real estate investing.” At USNews, the article discussed growing interest in using […]

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Enthusiasm for 2015 Housing Markets


A report issued by Clear Capital early in February begins with a pretty strongly bullish comment about housing: “Fifteen years into the new millennium, we are finally seeing real potential that the market can support full buyer momentum.” It goes on to say that 2015 has the potential to be a transitional year when buyer […]

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