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Are You Ready To Purchase Your First Home

Are you ready to purchase your first home?

As the market become more stable, many people are considering whether or not they are ready to purchase their first home. This is a personal decision that should be based on your ability to pay back a loan and the commitment that purchasing a home involves. Your decision should not be based on interest rates […]

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Helping Tenants and Profiting from the Rental Crisis


There are now more renters in the U.S. than ever before in history, and the situation is still developing. Not only are more people wanting to rent instead of buy homes, there is a shortage of inventory. When demand is high and supply isn’t keeping up, rents rise, and they’re doing that aggressively right now. […]

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Survey Says… Annual Relocation Patterns Changing


MyMovingReviews.com has released their annual moving trends 2015 Annual Relocation Data Survey. I wanted to share a few of their data points with you and comment on how some of them influence the plans of real estate investors. These survey responses have some comparisons to the previous year to help us to see trends that […]

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2016 Predictions – Mortgage Rates & Home Sales Rising with Refinancing Dropping


Over at CoreLogic.com there is a lot of analysis of the housing and mortgage markets, including foreclosure information. Recently CoreLogic released their report 2016 Housing and Mortgage Rates Forecast. They report that expectations for 2016 show that the Fed will probably raise short term interest rates by one percentage point gradually over the year. This […]

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Apartments and Creating Community

Are you an apartment investor, or do you want to be? Bank of America has released their 2015 Trends in Consumer Mobility Report. There is lots of fun stuff in this report, particularly as related to the younger generations and their reliance on technology. When it comes to their smart phones, the information is pretty […]

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