Are You Ready To Purchase Your First Home

Are you ready to purchase your first home?

As the market become more stable, many people are considering whether or not they are ready to purchase their first home. This is a personal decision that should be based on your ability to pay back a loan and the commitment that purchasing a home involves. Your decision should not be based on interest rates […]

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Preparing for An FHA Loan

FHA loans were previously a very attractive option for those who wanted to become first-time home buyers, but did not have the resources to make a sizable down payment or the funds to afford higher interest rates. The real estate industry has changed greatly over the past several years, making them less desirable than before. […]

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Are You Credit Worthy

Before buying a home, you must first figure out whether or not you are actually credit worthy. Naturally, the higher your credit score, the better loan you’ll get, but did you know that a low credit score can result in your inability to become a homeowner? Dean Graziosi has provided you with information that will […]

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What To Do If Your Home Has Radon

Radon has been shown to be a cancer-causing gas that is produced through the natural decay of uranium.  Uranium has been found in all types of soil and is not associated with any one particular type.  Radon gas rises through the soil, reaches the air and can find its way into your home through gaps, […]

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The Importance of Making a Down Payment

Property Taxes

A home is probably the most expensive thing you will ever buy, but it’s also the most lucrative investment you will ever make. Saving for that very important purchase is crucial, especially when it comes to the down payment. As Dean Graziosi points out, making a sizable down payment is now required by many lenders. […]

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