Challenges in Rural Areas

While rural areas are often beautiful places, and may include attractive housing or even some acreage, there are a number of challenges to both living and selling in a rural area. These challenges are mainly related to the seclusion, distance to the nearest city, and possible issues with taxes or the lack of certain ordinances. For those used to the amenities of city life, a rural home may have a lot of features you didn’t expect and may not necessarily want.

Seclusion can mean a number of things. For many, seclusion denotes the peaceful tranquility of life outside of the mainstream hubbub.  It means wandering down country roads without worrying about excessive traffic or obnoxious passers-by.

For others, seclusion may have a slightly different meaning.  The seclusion of some rural areas means being disconnected from services such as cable TV, city-regulated water, and sewers.  Response time for the fire department or ambulance may be greatly slowed.  In colder climates, many rural routes don’t have snow removal services either, which could be hazardous for anyone unprepared or in bad health.

The distance to the nearest city or town may determine the length of daily commute.  Some people are retired or work from home and don’t have to worry about the location of their jobs, but others must bear in mind how much time and fuel may be spent in the day-to-day travel between work and home. You may also have to drive some distance for such simple things as grocery shopping.

Having some land to plant on, keep animals, or just let grow wild for the local wildlife can be a wonderful perk to living in a rural area. However, the amount of property taxes owed, as well as the cost of water rights or other fees that go with it, must be kept in mind. Additionally, most rural areas have no ordinances regarding noise levels, leash laws or outside appearances.

With all of the perks and positive things about these homes, there are still a number of challenges, but the benefits are unlimited for the right person.

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