Chasing Down the Elusive Real Estate Owner

Have you ever found real estate you were interested in that was obviously abandoned?  No “Property for Sale” sign stood in the yard of grass ten feet tall, and you had no idea how to figure out who owned the place.  Did you give up what your instincts knew would be a great deal because of it?

Well, you’re instincts were right.  Abandoned properties are one of the most common sources of leads for real estate investors interested in quick turnovers.  Owners generally aren’t interested in abandoned real estate properties; this makes the property easier to buy, and there is less competition than with a property that’s been taken care of.

The next time you come across abandoned real estate just screaming to be bought, don’t give up.  The following tips can help you hunt down that elusive property owner:

·    Search county appraisal offices – The first thing you’ll have to find out is who owns the property, and county appraisal offices are a great place to start.  It should be relatively easy to find the owner using only the address of the abandoned real estate.

·    Printed notices – If time isn’t a factor, you can leave printed notices at the properties on a regular basis, with your contact details.  The drawback here is that, if the property is truly abandoned, the owner may never visit it – which means they’ll never see the notice.

·    Private detective – If you’re short on time but have the money, a private eye may be the way to go.  Experts at hunting down people and information gathering, private detectives can be an excellent source for contact owners of abandoned real estate.

Now, there may be other ways to go about this – using a paid service, for instance – but these three are a great start.

Keep in mind, however, that there are drawbacks with abandoned real estate.  The top drawback, as you may be aware, is that abandoned properties are usually not well taken care of, and may have a lot that needs to be done before they can be sold.

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