Dean Grasiozi helping you buy real estate

Who can afford to buy real estate in this economic crisis? Who is this Dean Grasiozi?  Buying real estate to make money is something that only the wealthy can do.  Where does he suggest you get the money to buy real estate if your entire income is needed to support your family? 


What is his theory on living arrangements if the property needs so much work, you cannot live in it while you are fixing it up?  I have a family that needs a roof over their heads.  Dean Grasiozo seems to think that the answer to finding a financial comfort zone amid the inflated economy we deal with in America is to buy real estate. The problem is that most real estate is sold at an inflated price that most people cannot afford on a salary most people earn. 


I don’t want a partner, either.  I have heard of people buying real estate shares with other partners who turn out to be crooks.  All that ends up happening is that innocent people are left with a debt, no real estate property and no better off financially. Even buying a fixer-upper without a down payment can often end up costing more than you think it would, so you don’t end up making any money because you can’t sell the place for enough to cover your fix-up costs.  You don’t even break even if you have to hire out to get the work done. 


So what real estate scheme is this Dean Grasiozi peddling?

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