Dean Graziosi – Make Money with Cars and Real Estate

Dean Graziosi is an acclaimed author on cars & real estate, a self-made person, a great motivator and a multi-millionaire real estate investment expert. He is the creator and founder of Motor Millions and Think A Little Different, two successful fortune making guides that teach people how to make money with Cars and Real Estate. Mr. Graziosi has helped many a first time investors achieve financial freedom through his books and investment guidance. His infomercials have appeared on TV consistently since 1999 and he has shipped over a million manuals, tapes and videos.

Be a Motor Millionaire

As a kid, Dean led a hard life. Hardship taught him the importance of money and also gave him the courage to turn challenges into fruitful results. He started making money with cars at the young age of 16. After achieving his first success in residential property, he took a step further. He wrote and produced his first infomercial titled “Motor Millions in 1998 that teaches new investors how to make money with cars. This easy to learn and use guide generated tens of millions of dollars while helping people all over America make money with cars. His success with Motor Millions encouraged him to pursue his vision of teaching people how to make money with real estate as well.

Be a Real Estate Millionaire

The right approach to achieve success in real estate is to read books from eminent authors such as Dean Graziosi. He has authored popular books such as “Be A Real Estate Millionaire: Secret Strategies for Lifetime Wealth Today”. In this book, Mr. Graziosi has revealed techniques that worked for him to become a multi-millionaire. He has also authored “Think a Little Different” a guide to building personal wealth through real estate. In 2003, Mr. Graziosi formed Dean Enterprises, LLC that exclusively produces all his infomercials and now Dean also creates successful commercials for clients based in USA. Dean Graziosi has generated $100 million till date and it’s still growing.