Home Maintenance Projects You Should Do Now

Dean Graziosi recommends that now that warm weather has finally arrived, it is now the ideal time for homeowners to take a close look at their home.  This will provide them with an idea of what needs to be done and what you can finally get done now that there is no snow on the ground.  It is recommended that homeowners take a close look at their roof, siding, gutters, lawn, shrubs, garden, and trees.  Once you have taken a close look at your house, you will then be able to develop a plan and begin the necessary maintenance.

During spring and early summer, homeowners have the chance to see any damage that may have occurred during the winter.  Experts suggest that you take a close look at your roof and check for any loose, missing, or curled shingles.  You should also take a look at your chimney, skylights, and the points where your roof comes into contact with your home.  If you notice any areas that are in need of repair, jot them down so that you won’t forget what repairs are needed.  The next thing that you should do is to clean your downspouts and gutters.  With the rainy months headed our way, it is important that your gutters and downspouts are clear of debris to ensure that they work in the proper manner.

The next thing that you should do is to take a close look at your shrubs and trees.  If you notice that they have become overgrown or some have died this is the ideal time to take care of it.  When you trim a dead branch from a tree, experts suggest that you cut the entire branch off at the point where the branch connects with the tree or another close branch.  This can best be done by using a hand pruner or handsaw, if the branch is too high for you to reach from the ground, you may want to use an extendable pruning saw.  You should also wear safety glasses to prevent any debris from landing in your eyes, explains Dean Graziosi.

As spring and summer approach it is an ideal time to take care of any touch-up painting that may be needed.  The pain on the exterior of your home takes a beating from the weather throughout the year.  If you notice any areas that are showing significant signs of wear or damage, you should take care of that now.  To ensure that your paint lasts for years, it is recommended that you follow the recommended steps including preparing your home, priming it, and applying the new paint. Once you have taken care of the problems you noticed, your home will be ready for guests and entertaining all summer long.

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