How the Echo Boomers are affecting Real Estate

If you are a part of the real estate community, you are more than excited with the up and coming echo boomers that are now entering the housing market. These are the people that will create a positive growth by making the leap into purchasing their very first home.

Echo Boomers, for those that are wondering are the children of the baby boomers, as their parents the baby boomers enter into their senior citizen stage of life they will be creating a new opportunity for this generation.

Many real estate investors have been planning for this generation, because their plans are more focused to echo boomers renting properties. However on the other end of real estate are the new construction builders who have been planning for this generation to be actually making new home purchases.

For the brokers and agents that are selling properties, if they were smart should have also planned for this generation to come of age. They have studied what the echo boomers are attracted to, what their buying trends are as well as how to speak to them to get them to make a purchase in real estate.

If a broker or real estate agent has done their homework, statistics show that Echo Boomers although they have expensive tastes are frugal at the same time. Studies show that they will want smaller homes that will be closer to their place of business. They want to be able to have time for their families and to be able to have more time the activities that they enjoy doing and spending a good deal of their time traveling to and from work is not part of their plan.

Selling a smaller house for an agent really doesn’t make them the money however, this new generation will be able to give you referrals to their many other friends that also echo boomers. So if you sell real estate, you should be thinking of selling many houses to many people in this generation.

Echo boomers love technology and they are either on a social network, networking themselves, on their high technology cell phones or some other high tech product.  They have the ability to help you by letting others know about you and what you did for them, think of them as a future investment they will become a way of free advertising for you and your business. They will become your biggest ally if you are able to communicate with them in their language and by making them a part of your real estate plan. They may not be able to purchase a home right away, however by becoming their friend to them with the potential of becoming your customer will be the best way to reach the Echo boomer.

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