How The Yard Can Sell Your Home

110919987There are many features that sell a home. The exterior of the home is what potential home buyers see first, and is what will often give them their first impression. Dean Graziosi writes about this in his blog, explaining the importance of curb appeal and a de-cluttered garage. Along with that, however, comes the yard.


Did you know the yard can actually help sell your home? No matter how large or small the yard is, there are steps you can take to make it extremely appealing.


Begin by mowing the grass and presenting a clean yard. A meticulously kept space will go a long way toward attracting buyers who will be curious about the inside of the home. Mow it each week during the summer months and keep the grass watered regularly. Green really makes a difference.


Landscape your yard. This, too is very important to home buyers. A well landscaped yard looks great and is very inviting. It also shows you really care about your home’s exterior which infers the interior is in good shape as well.


Add a covered patio or deck to the backyard. This may not be the place potential buyers see first unless they are initially viewing your house from behind, but it can definitely be a selling point all around as referenced in an article posted on


Fence in the back yard. A fenced in yard will appeal greatly to pet owners who want their furry family members to have a space to run free. You can place a gate at each side of your home making it easy for people to go back and forth between the front and back yards.


Have you ever considered putting in an in-ground pool? These can be quite expensive but well worth the cost. They can also add value to your home. Many people are now deciding to purchase and install above-ground pools, but a house that already has a pool will be much more appealing to those buyers who really want one.


Plant trees. It will take them quite some time to grow, but they’ll provide much-needed shade over time. This will make your yard look more appealing and can help you save money by conserving energy by keeping the sun from shining in windows and heating the house during the summer. Take care not to plant them too close to the home. Storms can cause them to fall and this can create quite a bit of damage to surrounding structures.


De-clutter your yard. Remove those items you don’t need and store those you use on a regular basis. If you don’t have anywhere to put them, consider purchasing an out building that will serve as a shed. A de-cluttered yard will be appealing because it looks neat and enables the potential home buyer to see the entire exterior of the property in a more imaginative manner.


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