How To Make Your Home Appealing To Younger Buyers

Younger buyers are becoming an increasingly large buying group in the real estate market, states Dean Graziosi.  But what many sellers are discovering, is that these younger buyers have particular wants and needs in mind when purchasing a home.  To help you make your home more appealing to this younger generation of buyers, we have put together some tips that can help improve the appeal of your home.

One of the first things you can do to make your home more appealing is to update your kitchen and bath.  This is one of the best ways in which you can attract younger buyers who have a limited budget to work with.  Younger buyers are drawn to homes that have already been updated, primarily because they do not have the extra cash to make these improvements on their own.  The majority of the cash that they have on hand will likely go towards their down payment on a home, this leaves them with little money on hand to make improvements on a home.  To attract the attention and get as much for your home as possible, an updated kitchen and bath can be just the thing.

Adding a home office to your home is another excellent way to attract the attention of potential buyers.  An estimated 13 million Americans work from home, and this is likely a trend that will continue to grow.  This number shows just how important a home office can be in convincing a potential buyer to make an offer on your home.  Many people who work from home prefer to have a designated space in the home that can be used as an office.  They believe that having this space will them remain focused and concentrate on their work.  If you have a spare bedroom in your home, you may want to convert it into a home office before you list your home.

Many young buyers are also attracted to homes that require little maintenance.  They look for homes that have wood floors, which are easier to care for than carpet, and updated kitchens that feature granite countertops.  These features can help improve the appeal of your home and help it sell much quicker.  Younger buyers do not want to spend countless hours every weekend performing maintenance on their homes.  They would prefer to spend their weekends doing what they want and having fun.  What this means for sellers is that the less maintenance your home requires, the more appealing it will be to younger buyers.

The younger generation of home buyers is also concerned about how energy efficient their home is.  As energy prices continue to rise, this is something that every homeowner should be concerned about.  If your home features any energy efficient appliances or upgrades, you should definitely include those features in your listing.  This can be a great way to get younger buyers in the door.

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