How To Sell a Difficult Home

Have you been trying to sell your home with no luck? If so, the first thing you want to do is call a Realtor. A real estate agent can come to your home and let you know what things you can change to your home to make it more appealing to home buyers.


There are some things you can easily fix to make your home sell quicker. For example, maybe you have too much furniture in your living room and in the bedrooms. When your rooms have too much furniture it makes the room appear smaller than it actually is. People like to feel that a room is airy and large. After all, it is much more relaxing to sit in a clean feeling uncluttered room. When you bring on the clutter you also bring on the stress.


Another good example of a difficult home to sell is you used your favorite colors to paint the inside of your home. Perhaps you have always loved the color lavender. You decided to paint all of your bathrooms lavender. You think each bathroom looks absolutely stunning. To you it is, but a potential buyer may not like the color lavender at all. Hence, he or she cannot get past the color and moves onto the next house to possibly purchase. You will have a better chance of attracting more buyers when you use neutral tones throughout your home.


Make sure each room in your home has proper lighting. People like light versus dark depressed feeling rooms. To fix this problem you can easily add lamps in each room. You can also add lighting under kitchen cabinets to brighten up the area. People will notice this and will envision themselves cooking in your kitchen.


Do not overprice your home. When you overprice your home you will lose potential buyers. Plus, when buyers are comparing your home to other homes they will see that the other homes are a better deal for their money. It is better to price your home just under what your Realtor thinks it will sell for. Wouldn’t it be nice to entertain multiple bids on your home?


If you have done all of the above with regards to selling your home and you are still not finding a buyer, make sure your home offers curb appeal. When buyers pull up to your home what do they see? Does your home look tidy? Make sure all children’s toys are picked up and dog messes are cleaned out of the yard. You can power wash your home or hire someone to do it to freshen up your home. Keep bushes neatly trimmed as well as your lawn kept up. Plant flowers to make your home more inviting.


By following the above tips you should turn your difficult to sell home into a sold home. 

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