Installing The Perfect Window Treatments

Spring is the perfect time of year to update your existing window treatments.  Perhaps you purchased your home late in the year and haven’t yet had time to upgrade your window treatments; or you have just purchased a new home and are faced with finding the perfect size window treatment to fit custom sized windows.  If you feel that your window measuring skills are not adequate enough to measure custom windows, you may want to consider having an expert come in and properly measure your windows.  This will ensure that the window coverings you choose will be the perfect size and fit your windows properly.  Below are some helpful tips that will make installing your window treatments much easier.

  • Be Prepared – Before you begin hanging your new window treatments, there are some tools that you should have ready before you begin.  Approaching the process ready and armed with the proper tools, will help you proceed with the process without having to stop and restart as you run and get the tool that you need.  The tools that you should have ready are a drill, screwdriver, anchors, level, tape measure and ladder.  Once you have gathered the tools we mentioned above, you are ready to move onto the next step.
  • Instructions – Before you begin making any holes in your walls, you should take a few minutes to thoroughly read the instructions that the manufacturer included with your window coverings.  During this time you should also empty the package of all of its contents to ensure that you have all of the proper equipment necessary to hang your window treatments.
  • Measure Carefully – During this step you will need your measuring tape and level.  Using your ladder you will need to ensure that your window treatment is properly centered and placed at the right height.  You can use the holes in your hardware as a guide and use them to make your marks on the walls.  Using these marks, you are now ready to begin drilling the holes that will be used to hold your hardware.
  • Anchors – If you are drilling holes into areas where there is no support from a stud, you will need to use anchors to hold hardware onto the wall.  You will need to choose anchors according to the type of material that was used to build the walls in your home.  Once you have purchased the proper type of anchor, you will then need to place it into the hole that you drilled earlier and install the hardware using the screws that came with it.
  • Ask For Help – If you run into a situation that you were not prepared for when you first started hanging your window treatments, do not hesitate to contact the manufacturer for assistance.  They are experienced in the process and have helped many other homeowners navigate the process.

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