Is The Price of Real Estate Going Up?


Now that the recession has hit and the real estate market is coming back around, the prices of real estate appear to be on the rise. It wasn’t too long ago that buyers were able to grab new properties at almost unheard of prices. Many sellers were very reluctant to sell because they knew that getting what their home was worth was nearly impossible. Still, some did it anyway. That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. According to Dean Graziosi, there is now a demand for housing and it only continues to rise.


Now home buyers are finding themselves paying more for their new properties. This hasn’t seemed to deter them though. Along with those higher prices are higher interest rates. Again, not a problem for some who really want to buy homes. Those whose jobs were affected negatively by the recession may now be finding an increase in income. At the very least, those who were forced to take a decrease in the amount of money they make are seeing more stability ahead and making the decision to now buy a home.


Loans are changing too. Where many lenders took on higher risks in the past, they are finding it difficult to do this today. This is because they will now be more responsible for what isn’t paid.

If you are considering purchasing a new home, think about what you are willing and able to pay in the long run. If you are unable to keep up with the rising prices, perhaps you’ll need to rethink your strategy. This does not mean you should not buy a home at this time, but it may require a few slight changes. For example, instead of buying your dream house, it may be time to buy a smaller home you can fix up and sell later. If you can make money on the house you purchase now from fixing it up and appreciating home values, you’ll be in a  better position to buy the home of your dreams in a few years.


According to a post on Dean Graziosi’s website, ” This current rise in real estate price appreciation is far from over what with a slow improvement to the current job market, the new incentives for first time home buyers as well as there really isn’t a large inventory in many areas yet where homes are only starting to become in demand.”


If you are considering buying a new home any time soon, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the current real estate trends. This will help you when making a decision. Get more information about this and other topics by visiting Dean Graziosi’s site. You can also learn more about home buying and financial markets from the article posted online in the Wall Street Journal.

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