Low-Cost Improvements to Add Value to a Home


If you’re getting ready to put a home on the real estate market, you naturally wish to get the best possible price out of it. Most likely, when that home goes up for sale you’re either looking exclusively to make a profit from it or are trying to save money for getting into another home. You can make a number of improvements to your house that will raise the value, but will require a minimum of time and money.


Home Interior

The interior of your home gets a lot of wear and tear just from day-to-day living. No matter how hard you try to care for it, it will show the effects of being lived in. Holes in the walls from nails or other fixtures can affect the look, but can be easily plugged either with carpenter’s putty or with toothpaste before repainting to make it look as good as new.


Many sellers want to put new carpet in before putting the house up for sale, which is great if the existing carpet is in very poor shape. However, most homebuyers will be replacing existing carpet with floor coverings of their own choosing when they move in anyway, so often a thorough shampooing is sufficient.


Home Exterior

The exterior of the home is just as important as the interior when trying to attract buyers, if not more. Even simple issues such as squeaky hinges and dirty windows can turn a potential buyer off.


Keep the lawn well watered and nicely trimmed. If there are flower beds, make sure that they have flowers or ornamental rock in them; even the cheapest and most common flowers look much better than empty beds. Finally, make sure to power-wash decks, sidewalks, driveways and garage floors and remove stains on any paving. These improvements may take a day or two on an average-sized house, but may mean quite a bit of difference in the asking price.


Lastly, cleanliness is key for both the interior and exterior of your home.  While personal clutter is expected when you’re living in the home, buyers like to be able to picture themselves there.  Remove all personal items from your yard, such as bikes or a lawn mower, and put them in out-of-the-way storage. 


Also, look over the rooms in your house and remove personal pictures and knick-knacks.  If you’re set on selling your home, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to see themselves living in it.

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