Marketing a Luxury Property

Not every homebuyer is searching for a multi-million dollar mansion, but there are enough that it has created a new breed of real estate agent.  These agents must focus on finding the best, most opulent properties for their clients at the right price, states Dean Graziosi.  The world of luxury property buying and selling differs a great deal from what we are most commonly familiar with.

These types of properties can be rather limited and it can be rare for a desirable property to become available.  When there is an overflow of available properties, the list of potential buyers can be relatively short which may make them harder to sell; but there is some good news, with a little creative marketing and some innovative ideas, these properties should not remain on the market very long.

If you are an agent who is just getting started in the luxury property area, the first thing that you should focus on is creating your personal brand and building credibility.  Creating a personal brand is something that every real estate agent focuses on.  It is a great way to set yourself apart from the competition while establishing yourself in a highly competitive market.  A well-established brand is also the key to establishing a positive reputation.  The more highly your past clients and competition regard you, the easier it will be for you to attract new clients and close more deals.

The next step you can take to ensure that you are effectively reaching your target market is to advertise your services in publications that they are most likely to read.  For a luxury real estate agent, a simply ad in the yellow pages is not enough, according to Dean Graziosi.  In order to be successful you should focus your attention on placing ads in high-end publications that your client likely reads.  By marketing yourself in the wrong platform, you may end up attracting the wrong type of client and wasting a lot of time and money.

Luxury property buyers are similar to traditional homebuyers in that if they can get something added into the deal they will likely not hesitate to buy.  If you are aware of any items or benefits associated with the property that may be important to a potential buyer, you need to include them in all of your listings.  These added benefits may just what a potential buyer needs to convince them the property is right for them.

One of the most important steps in listing a luxury property is to hire a professional photographer who has experience in shooting these types of homes.  They will know the best time of day to capture the beauty of the home, and the best angles to use to entice and excite potential buyers.  This is one area where you should not cut corners or use a friend of a friend.  If you want your luxury property to receive the attention it deserves, higher an experienced photographer to shoot your photos.

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