Moving Tools That Everyone Should Have

Moving is a very difficult process, especially if you are like many of us who have accumulated stuff through the years.  If you start preparing for your move earlier, rather than at the last minute your move will be much easier on you and those who are helping.  If you have moved anytime in the last five years you know the basic tools that you need; but for those of you who have lived in the same place for many years you may not be familiar with the tools necessary to expedite your move.

The first things that you are going to need are boxes; using boxes when moving make it easier to stack and organize your belongings.  Every time you fill up a box, it is important that you clearly label its contents using a permanent marker.  There is no need to purchase new boxes when you move; you can often get free boxes from your local supermarket or other stores in your region.  Stores are often more than happy to provide you with their boxes, simply go in and ask to speak to the manager they will more than likely know if or when they will have boxes available for you to use.

Next, you are going to need to purchase some heavy duty packing tape.  Moving experts suggest that you use clear, 2-inch wide tape to seal your boxes.  Plan ahead when purchasing tape, whatever you think you’ll need you should increase that number by at least two.  It’s amazing how fast you go through tape, especially if you have a lot of boxes.  When packing, tape is not the area where you want to skimp, the worst thing that can happen to any person who is moving is picking up a box only to have the bottom open up.  The stronger you make your boxes, the safer your belongings will be.

As you start planning for you move you should begin saving newspapers and other material that can be used to protect your belongings.  Bubble wrap is also ideal if you are packing items that are fragile.  You should place all breakable items in the same box to ensure that they are properly packed and taken care of during the move.  If you have a lot of fragile items, you may want to consider loading these in your car instead of in the moving truck. 

The next essential moving tool you will need is a dolly or flat-bed cart.  These can be used to move heavy furniture.  There is nothing worse than seeing your entertainment center being dragged across the sidewalk.  To keep your larger items from becoming damaged you should use a dolly to move them.  Using a dolly will also make your movers happy; there is nothing worse than being faced with the task of trying to move a refrigerator by hand.

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