Old or New – Which is the Better Choice?

As a woman real estate investor I can tell you that today’s real estate market is very odd. For instance, some years ago when you were starting in the real estate investment market and wanted to make a profit on real estate “right now”, then you usually looked at the fixer upper, but today investors can find older homes that need work and new homes in about the same price range, that is,  if they shop around.

So, you have to ask yourself whether buying that older home that needs work, or buying that new home is the better investment. That is why advice from real experts like Dean Graziosi and not the advice from scam artists is needed.

When I started in the real estate investment business, I found Dean Graziosi and the information he had to offer to be the real deal, but I also found a lot of scam artists. The problem is how can you tell who the scammers  are, and who really has pertinent information worth getting.Well, the way I found out was by listening and reading what others have to say. I read a lot of tweets, and wiki information about Dean Graziosi before reading his books and enrolling in one of the seminars.

The information I received helps me determine what type of home to invest in and which is a better buy. Because there are times when that older home is the better investment and many more times when the newer home is the best decision. There are many factors you need to take into consideration to make that decision.

The point is, you need to shop around and list out the advantages of each before making such a decision and the only way you can list out the advantages is by being informed and educated in real estate investing. The best way to start becoming informed is by reading about real estate investing online, and reading real life testimonials from the average, everyday person. This is why sites like twitter and wiki spaces can help. Because the people that post to these sites are “real people” with real experiences in all kinds of things, including in real estate investing.

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