Options for Rain Gutters

While curb appeal, nice carpet, a clean garage, and other such amenities are nice to have in a house, they are not essential. If you’re trying to sell a property, you’ll likely do much better if all of these are attended to. However, if you’re looking for a good appraisal and a sound property, other essentials must be attended to. Rain gutters are often overlooked in the process of upgrading a property, whether for sale or for a homeowner’s benefit, but they are absolutely necessary in precipitate areas. Without properly-maintained gutters, foundations can rot, basements may flood, and people going into and out of the house during a rainstorm will likely be soaked.


There are several different popular options on the market for rain gutters, all varied in their durability, amount of required maintenance, and price tag. The type of rain gutter you choose will depend largely on your personal preferences, lifestyle, and budget. Whether you’re an investor or just a homeowner looking to improve your home will also likely influence your choice.


Possibly the most popular rain gutter is vinyl. These gutters are lightweight, durable, and require little maintenance. Because vinyl gutters are not painted or surface dyed, whatever color gutter you purchase is the color it will stay. Vinyl is known to fade slightly over time, which can make replacing gutter sections difficult in some cases because it won’t match perfectly, but is otherwise unnoticeable. The main drawback to vinyl gutters is that the seams between the sections may eventually leak if they are not properly sealed. Additionally, vinyl gutters may not work well in areas with high winds because of their light weight.


Wood is, perhaps, the cheapest gutter option, but there’s a good reason for that. This is the option requiring the most maintenance. Excess water trapped in the gutter will rot the wood, so it must be kept clean. The weight of these gutters means they require sturdier hardware and more work to install, and they will need to be repainted over time.


Metal gutters are extremely popular for their low cost. These gutters can withstand the test of time, though they often also need painted and may rust. Repair of these gutters is not limited to replacing an entire section like most gutter types, as holes can be repaired by a knowledgeable handyman.


Copper gutters are popular on higher-dollar or historical properties, and in most cases they never need replaced. Aside from normal cleaning, these gutters require no maintenance except for sealing if you wish to keep the shiny golden-red color. Many homeowners opt to let these gutters oxidize for a beautiful and maintenance-free look. These gutters are quite heavy and very expensive, but pay for themselves over time.

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