Pros and Cons of Buying New Construction Homes

One of the many decisions home buyers must make is whether to buy a home that has already been lived in or to choose a new construction home. There are both disadvantages and advantages to buying new. Being aware of the problems and pitfalls can help you understand the choice better.

Pro: A New Construction Home Is…New

It is right there in the name – a new construction home is new. Many people find a new home more exciting than one that has never been lived in before. The only thing that might touch the sensory experience of the new car smell for you is the glory of a home that has never been contaminated by the lives of others. If so, you might prefer new construction.

Con: A New Construction Home Is Untried

Even new homes may have problems. The construction may be shoddy, the plumbing may not be well-vented or the electrical outlets may not all be connected. If you realize that you face the possibility of faulty building, you can avoid this disadvantage by having a very thorough inspection.

Pro: New Homes Have Warranties on Everything

The appliances are new, the fixtures are new and everything in the house is new. They are all covered by warranties. Even the house itself should come with a warranty. If anything breaks or does not work, you should be able to get it repaired or replaced on the company dime.

Con: Expectations Can Be Too High

Most people have high expectations when they purchase a new construction home. They literally expect everything to be perfect. No home could hope to match up to those high hopes. If you are buying new, just be aware that perfect homes are more myth than reality.

Pro: You Will Be Living In a Modern Community

New construction means new communities. You should have all the modern conveniences and luxuries you want. There may even be community amenities such as new swimming pools, gyms and recreation rooms open only to residents of the new community.

Con: Your Community May Be Far from City Amenities

Since there is little land available near the major hubs of commerce and entertainment, inconvenience may be a problem. You may have to go a long way to shop, eat at restaurants, go to church or attend movies, plays, concerts or ball games.

Pro: Beautiful Landscaping May Be Included with the Home

Most new construction homes come with some form of landscaping. Trees, bushes, and other landscape features should have been added to the home upon completion.

Con: The Landscaping Will Be Immature

The landscaping may be so immature that you have to take extra special care of it to keep plants and trees from dying. Even if you keep them alive, you are not likely to have beautiful, mature shade trees anytime soon.

Pro: Customization Is Easy

With new construction, you may have the option to choose your appliances, your flooring, your wall treatments and your fixtures. The level of customization may be very high, especially if you get in on the ground floor.

Con: You May Have to Wait

If you find a new construction development you like, you may be disappointed that it is not open yet. You may have to wait for weeks or months while the home is being completed. There may be unexpected delays. The key to buying new is being patient and knowledgeable about the whole process.

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