Receiving A Cash Offer

If you are selling a home, one of the best offers you can receive is that of cash. Any time someone makes a cash offer, you know as long as they actually have the cash, the selling process will commence immediately. Often times, sellers accept cash offers quickly and many buyers who are not offer cash lose out when their own offers are beaten.


If you are a prospective home buyer who wants to offer cash, it is a good idea to provide documentation with your offer that will prove the funds are available. A bank statement will usually work quite well in these situations.


If you don’t yet have the cash, but will very soon, other documentation will be needed. An example of this would be if you plan to liquidate stock or another type of asset. Here, you will need to provide a time table on when the asset will be converted to cash. Again, you will include this documentation with your offer.


While it is rare to pay for a new house using cash, it is possible. If you can do so, it is highly recommended. Some people are able to do this from the sale of other property. If you are able to get out the home you are selling exactly what you put into it, a cash payment may very well be possible. This is especially true if you have saved a significant amount of money to put toward the down payment of your new home.


Some home buyers expand slowly, paying cash for all their homes along the way. Many factors are involved in making this happen. Not only would you need to have the cash saved up and available, but the economy would also need to work in your favor.


If you have rental property, you may even choose to put the money you receive each month as a landlord into savings for purchasing new property on down the road.


Many sellers prefer cash offers because they re getting the money up front. Buyers prefer them because the home can be paid for very quickly, thus eliminating the need for a 30 year mortgage.


If you are the one making the offer, the key is to start by purchasing smaller homes and later working your way up to larger ones. Starter homes are a good way to begin. As you make money on each house you sell, you will be able to put it into your next purchase. Over a period of time, you will accumulate enough money to actually pay for a house in cash. This often brings peace of mind and financial security you would not have with a 30 year mortgage. Your home is paid for before you ever move in, and the seller rests easy knowing all the money has been received up front. 

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