The Top Free Android Real Estate Apps

The android smart phone is ubiquitous. It seems everyone is upgrading their older model phones so they can carry the newest technology in their pocket. And people are getting smarter about how they use their smart phones. While games will always remain a hot product, eventually people have to get back to work and focus on the task at hand. And when that task includes buying a home, here are some suggestions for the top real-estate related apps.


Glossary Real Estate Terms: This application will be useful by anyone who is involved with a real estate transaction. It is a comprehensive dictionary of real estate terms that is easily accessible. (Cost: Free)


Housing Loan Calculator: Trying to figure out what payments on a mortgage will be is easier for people with this app. Users can check their estimated monthly mortgage rate at any point in the buying or negotiating process. Use this app to help you configure the cost of a home mortgage. (Cost: Free) With this app, users can quickly find available houses in their area. It is updated every 15 minutes if the user has an active data connection. Houses viewed on the app can be saved and viewed later on a computer. (Cost: Free)


Google Maps: A priceless app that does not cost a penny! For people who get lost easily this app can point you in the right direction quickly. The interface is simple to use, especially for users accustomed to using Google Maps online. (Cost: Free)


Craiglist: It might not seem an obvious app to be included on a real estate list, but since Craig’s List includes home listings, it is a perfect fit. Utilize this app for finding homes that are not on a real estate agents radar. And then, once the house has been bought, app users can search for appliances and furniture to fill the house. (Cost: Free)


Real Estate by Smarter Agent: At first glance this looks like just another app for finding homes for sale. However, this app is set apart by the ability to search for sold homes as well. It is helpful to know what the neighborhood’s average sold home price is before an offer is made. (Cost: Free)


USHud Property Search: A free listing of foreclosures that one can browse on the go. Sounds good! Find distressed or ROI properties that might be available for a quick sale or a short sale. (Cost: Free)


There are other free Android real estate apps available and just as consumer should be smart when they shop for a home, so should they be smart when they download apps. Always check the current ratings and optimizations for each app to be sure it will work with the intended phone.

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