Those “Fly-Over” States are Great for Job Seekers

With the jobs situation still dismal in most areas of the country, states in the middle are begging for new residents who want a job.  While the national average is still over 8% for unemployment, North Dakota’s rate is only 3 percent.  North Dakota is running marketing campaigns due to that state’s plentiful employment opportunities.  One ad states:  “Find a Job in North Dakota.  More than 20,000 job openings statewide.”


Along with North Dakota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Utah are the top states for job creation so far this year according to a Gallup survey of 100,000 U.S. workers.  On the other end, the bottom five states are Maine, Oregon, New Jersey, New York and Delaware.


North Dakota has the nation’s lowest unemployment rate,  and the state is flooded with oil, technology and agricultural jobs.  In one or more North Dakota “wildcat oil towns,” rig workers are reported to be earning six figure incomes with little or no experience.  It’s not just oil towns though, as the boom has spread across the state.  You know they have jobs when even Walmart has to do job fairs to fill openings.


South Dakota recently launched an aggressive $5 million national recruiting program to lure workers for manufacturing, engineering and information technology jobs.  The state has about 11,000 job openings and the state’s larger companies are growing.  New jobs are advertised first to state residents for 30 days.  If they’re not filled, the job openings are sent out to headhunters around the country.  South Dakota is also providing various incentives to attract doctors to the state.

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