What Buyers of Today Really Want

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There are many features that make a home desirable. Buyers of today are searching for many of the same features as those of yesterday, but with a few added to the mix. In a real estate blog post titled “What Features Buyers Love But Sellers Don’t List”, Dean Graziosi notes those features that may seem boring to you as a home seller may not be boring to those who are looking to buy.

So what are the home buyers of today searching for exactly? Buyers of the younger generation are typically very technology savvy. Even buyers from older generations are finding computers, video games, and other technical gadgets important. Also, modern appliances complete with all the bells and whistles are great selling points. Updated kitchens will undoubtedly possess these appliances.

Likewise, rooms that are technology-ready will probably appeal to the home buyers of today. Media rooms are extremely important as are home theaters. Bonus rooms that have already been converted into this type of space will be able to accommodate a wide variety of electronic devices. This may be exactly what buyers are searching for in a bonus room. Rooms that are cable ready and equipped with plenty of electrical outlets for plugging in devices and chargers will also be quite popular.

Home buyers of today are also attracted to the sleek look. This means stream-lined appliances, hardwood floors, and granite countertops. While it may not be possible to completely upgrade your home all at once, you might consider doing it one step  at a time. This will add value to your house and may even help it sell more quickly when the time comes to place it on the market.

Closet space is also important to the home buyers of today. While you may not be able to alter how large your closets actually are, you can maximize the spaces you do have in order to provide better storage options for yourself and future buyers. Add additional clothing rods where possible and install shelving for storing various items. The addition of hooks for hanging belts and purses are also a great idea. Organization is the key. The more organization options you make available, the more your closet space will appeal to prospective home buyers.

Home buyers of today are also looking for open spaces. Even if your home isn’t especially large, there are steps you can take to maximize the space. Only including the minimum amount of furniture in a room or arranging it so there is plenty of space for moving about can make a huge difference. Using the right paint colors and materials can create the illusion of a larger space as well.

Ask your realtor what other features home buyers will be most likely to look for when beginning their searches. As noted in an article posted in Forbes, the home buyer will evolve with the home. You can learn more about this and other real estate topics by visiting Dean Graziosi’s website.

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