Why You Need A Real Estate Agent

With so many services available to make buying or selling a home on your own available, many people may be wondering if they truly need an agent in this day and age.  Doing all of the leg work and prep work may end up saving you from paying commissions, there may be areas that you are not prepared to deal with.  It is because of these unforeseen circumstances that having an agent working with you may not be such a bad idea.

Working with an agent will provide you with access to more properties.  A real estate agent spends their time networking with other agents and sharing information on homes that are available.  Some of these homes may not be posted publicly, but are being offered privately for whatever reason.  If you are working on your own, you will not have access to these homes.  An experienced real estate agent will also help you find a home that meets as many of needs as possible.  When buying a home on your own, you may experience difficulty connecting with sellers and scheduling appointments.

If you are a seller choosing to work without the help of an agent, you are in for your own set of issues as well.  You will be required to field all calls regarding the property and schedule appointments for potential buyers to view your home.  This can be rather time consuming project, especially if you have other demands on your time such as kids and work.  It can also be a frustrating endeavor, especially when you schedule an appointment only to have no one show up.

Negotiating a real estate deal can be tricky and complicated for those who have no prior experience.  Many people believe that the process will become easier if they remove the agents, while that may be true in some aspects, it may not be true in all areas.  We’re not saying that these types of deals cannot work; we are just saying that if you are an inexperienced negotiator, you may be in for some trouble.  Real estate agents are experienced with getting deals done, and they know how to handle problems as they arise.

Buying or selling a home without the assistance of an agent may seem like a good idea when you get started, it may work for you but it may not be the right choice for everyone.  Before deciding to enter the real estate market without the help of a qualified agent, you should carefully weigh everything associated with working on your own.

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