Why You Should Have Your Home Inspected Prior to Listing It

It has become common practice for many home buyers to have a home inspected once their offer has been accepted according to Dean Graziosi.  During this inspection, a certified home inspector will go through the home with a fine toothed comb searching for any problems that may be present.  Once the buyer is presented with the results of the inspection, they can then use that information as a way to negotiate a better deal prior to closing.  In some cases sellers are choosing to have their homes inspected prior to listing it for sale, below are some reasons why this may actually be a good idea according to Dean Graziosi.

  • It Shows That You Are Not Trying To Hide Anything – By having your home inspected prior to listing it, you are demonstrating to potential buyers that you are willing to go beyond what is expected in order to ensure that your home sells.  This is also a great way to demonstrate that you are purposely not attempting to hide any problems that may be present in the home.  Mr. Graziosi states that by having your home inspected prior to listing it you are also providing potential buyers with a degree of confidence that there is nothing they are not aware of when it comes to your home.
  • It Will Save You Money – A pre-inspection will provide sellers with an advanced warning if there is anything wrong with their home.  By knowing in advance any problems that can be used later by a buyer to negotiate a better price, seller then have the opportunity to take care of them prior to listing their home.  The more problem-free your home is the faster you can expect it to sell.  A pre-inspection is also beneficial for buyers as well, having access to this information will allow them to budget any repairs into the offer they submit for the home.
  • Show-Off Your Assets – Having a pre-inspection performed before you formally list your home will also you to highlight beneficial selling points.  These selling points may include new floors, a remodeled kitchen, updated wiring, fresh paint and many more.  According to Mr. Graziosi, sellers should also include the results of their pre-inspection in their listings.  This is a great way to attract potential buyers who may feel more secure viewing your home knowing that you have taken the time to have it inspected.

A home inspection is not something that has to wait until after an offer has been submitted, in many cases spending the money up front can ensure that you receive the asking price and possibly more from buyers.  Having your home inspected prior to listing is a great way to ensure that your home attracts interested and motivated buyers.

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